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AMERICAN VISA is our specialty of course! But we also provide expert services for UK, Canada, Australia and any other country visa-seekers. US Passport, Greencard, Re-entry Permits, Travel Documents, Petition Filing in New Delhi or in the U.S., and such other questions on US or Indian travel formalities are addressed positively.


Indian Passport Application Form is now to be completed ONLINE with specific Surname & Given Name/s in two separate lines. US Visa Application Form DS-156 stipulate that the Surname and Given Name/s are written EXACTLY as in the Passport! In cases where the passport shows the FULL name/s in ONE single Line, That whole name/s is considered as her SURNAME and FNU (First Name Unknown) Will automatically come in the visa. To those who are going to work or study in the US, this FNU will create a lot of trouble. It is, therefore, very important to have the name to be written in TWO lines in the passport.

As Americans are used to FAMILY names like Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, etc., where EVERYONE in that family will have the SAME family name, it is very difficult to appreciate that a family of husband, wife and children will have all different SURNAMES! As far as practical, give same Surname for everyone in your family. However, even if different, let us write the Surname and Given Name/s in TWO lines.


TRAVISA Tours & Travels is primarily a Travel Agent and we are expected to sell Air Tickets – domestic & international. We, therefore, expect at least our visa clients to also purchase their travel tickets from TRAVISA only. Those US Sponsors who wish to pay in US dollars for the air tickets of their candidates can surely send us dollar cheques. Due to collection charges and delay, we prefer bank cashier’s checks. All first-time travelers who need co-passengers are always booked along with other Malayalam-speaking co-passengers. WE MAKE YOU FLY!